Economic Development

Partnering with neighborhood associations, business leaders, faith-based organizations, land developers, and other community stakeholders.

Public Safety

Relentlessly lobbying the State and Federal governments for the financial resources needed to curb gun violence and make our community safe.

Quality Education

Creating a collaborative environment where schools and businesses work together in preparing the children of District 6 for an emerging workforce.

Accessible Public Transportation

District 6 deserves a world-class public transportation system that's both accessible and reliable.

economic development

"Economic Development begins when the entire community buys in."
-Edmund H. Ford, Sr.

With everyone working together on a joint vision for District 6, we will create private and public partnerships that lay a solid foundation for continued economic success.

Land development, improved transportation, and infrastructure combined with incentives for new business startups will revitalize District 6 and Memphis.

Our common goal should be to increase our support for local industries while attracting new industries to our community. Quite simply, we need to put young technology entrepreneurs who have never considered District 6, in a "Memphis State of Mind."

"Smart-Zoning" in District 6 will bring jobs closer to where employees live. It will also create sustainable economic power centers that shift resources back to the people and benefit every community.

Safety and Security are fundamental rights of every Memphian.

Due to the increased gun violence plaguing not only our nation but our city as well, It's time we leverage the use of emerging technologies to help us take back our streets and communities from those who would do us harm.

Strategic deployment of SkyCop cameras, together with a redeployment of police assets throughout our community, will significantly reduce emergency response times. Allowing our officers to get to the scene quickly WILL SAVE LIVES.

New Mobile APP technologies are allowing citizens to become an integral part of fighting crime. Quickly sharing posts with responding officers in the community will ensure every would-be criminal will have a very bad day.

In working towards a goal of community policing, we need to improve police recruitment efforts, so that officers both live and work in the communities they have sworn to protect and defend.

CCTV security camera front of a building in city of China.
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Our Children and their Teachers need more resources to compete in the global arena.

As competition for skilled technology workers ramp up, and the pool of qualified candidates seems to shrink, we need to ensure the children of District 6 have the skills to secure the best jobs, as well as create thriving businesses.

Our children deserve to be a part of the future of this great city, and it's up to us to invest in their continued educational growth. Their confidence in the curriculums, their trust in the teachers, and their dependence on our community to provide a safe learning environment should never be questioned.

Businesses should be encouraged to sponsor student cohorts at every grade level and provide students with an inside look at how companies operate. This will incentivize student early on to take more of an interest in classes that prepare them for the workforce.

Our Community deserves a world-class public transportation system.

As our Community grows, our public transit system and infrastructure will need to grow with us. I will continue working with MATA to ensure District 6 is a part of all planned expansions brought before the City Council.

The economic vitality of District 6 is dependent upon our ability to connect new and emerging businesses with a permanent and growing customer base. Access to reliable public transportation is key to making that connection possible.

Whether in council chambers or District 6 townhalls, just as I have done in the past, I will continue to solicit your ideas for transportation and infrastructure improvements. Having worked with MATA for years, I have the experience and the relationships to make sure District 6 is a MATA priority.

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Next Steps...

Join me in making District 6 an economically thriving and safe community, by donating to my campaign and supporting this winning platform.