A Message From Edmund

Given today's political climate, and the continuous attacks on our democracy by hostile nations and complicit enablers in Washington, D.C., Memphians can count on me to stand up to those who would threaten our city and our way of life.

Born and raised in West Junction, I'm no stranger to Memphis politics or the needs of our community. Since 1999, I have committed my political life to serve the people of Memphis, and you have allowed me to serve this great city as both a Council Member and Council Chair.

Once again, I am answering the call to serve because District 6 and Memphis deserves experienced and proven leadership. Vote for me, and together we can elevate OUR DISTRICT from where we are, to where we want to be.

-Edmund H. Ford, Sr.


Economic Development

I will support economic development in District 6, by partnering with neighborhood associations, business leaders, faith-based organizations, land developers, and other community stakeholders.

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Public Safety

I will advocate for public safety by relentlessly lobbying the state and Federal governments for the financial resources needed to curb gun violence and make our community safe. We must put an end to gun violence on our streets.

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Quality Education

I will make sure the children of District 6 play an active role in the future of this great city, and that we will invest whatever resources are required to ensure their continued educational growth.

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Accessible Public Transportation

As our community grows, our public transit system and infrastructure will need to grow with us. I will continue working with MATA to ensure District 6 is a part of all planned expansions brought before the City Council.

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Support The Campaign...

Join me in making District 6 an economically thriving and safe community, by donating to my campaign and supporting this winning platform.